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At Blades Massage, we will help you select the massage treatment that best fits your exact needs. We’ll ask questions, evaluate your current condition and find the perfect treatment for you.


Voted Best Massage 9 Years and Running!

Since 2002, Blades Massage has been providing a superior massage experience for our clients. From 2008 on, Blades Massage has placed consecutively among the “ Best of Des Moines,” by Cityview readers and received Top Honor in 2012,  with Silla Blades winning the title of Des Moines’ Best Massage Therapist!

All of the hard work has paid off by earning this Great Achievement year after year.


In today’s world there are many demands upon you and your body. These demands put stress and a lot of pressure on the body and your overall wellness. Your body responses to this stress by doing its best to adapt and compensate. As a result of this compensation, the body starts to function out of balance and at minimal levels leaving you feeling drained. The natural ability of the body for living life well above “just surviving” has now been compromised.

This response with in the body can only to be removed by allow the body to release this stress and pressure so that the body will adapt back, as it was designed, to optimal performance.

A massage not only improves your mood it also improves this performance in your body. During your first massage you will experience some of this recalculation within the body and this will continue to correct as you continue with future massage treatments.

In a sense, massage can be  compared to building your physical fitness. You can’t just go to the gym once, complete one workout and expect to feel great and experience all the many benefits of fitness forever. You must continue with exercise and physical fitness to see those benefits. The same is true for massage. As you receive massage over time, you will be completely free to pursue your life and live it to the fullest.

We know why you need a good massage. We are here to listen to you and provide you with the best care for your body.

We Are The Choice For You

We cater to each of our clients needs and encourage them to communicate with us for their perfect massage. Some clients may prefer back only, others may say “skip the feet”. So when we say we customize your massage – we mean it!

Massage Gift Certificates

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