Years ago, a massage was something that people regarded as a luxurious way of relaxing and soothing the body. These days, however, more people are considering massage therapy as an effective way of keeping the body healthy and reducing the risk of acquiring certain diseases. Aside from rest and relaxation, massage therapy likewise offers the following health benefits.

Back Massage

Rejuvenates the Body

Massage helps exercise and stretch your weak or tight muscles, thereby relaxing them and enabling you to gain more strength as you go through your daily activities. It also increases joint flexibility, something that athletes and people leading a healthy lifestyle can benefit from. Furthermore, a soothing massage improves your skin while promoting tissue regeneration, thus reducing scar tissue formation and the appearance of stretch marks.

Aids Expectant Mothers and Surgery Patients

For expectant mothers and patients who underwent surgery, a massage is a great way of speeding up recovery. With regular massage therapy sessions, pregnant women can expect shorter and easier labors, and can even shorten their stay in the hospital. Patients, on the other hand, can reduce post-surgery complications and swelling with a therapeutic massage.

Relieves Pain

People suffering from back pain and frequent headaches can also benefit from massage therapy. Studies show that a massage can even reduce the need for painkillers by 36 percent among those experiencing persistent low back pain. Other studies further proved that massage therapy can reduce the number of migraines a person will experience, and may even contribute to an improved sleep.

Reduces Anxiety

Those looking for a way to relieve their anxiety can find their worries melting away with a gentle and calming massage. More than 12 studies have shown that massage therapy is a natural way of relieving depression and stress by lowering levels of cortisol by up to 50 percent. Furthermore, massage therapy also contributes to increased levels of neurotransmitters that fight depression.

Help for Cancer Patients

While not a cure for cancer in itself, a massage is often used to promote relaxation and reduce the intensity of cancer symptoms. Massage helps in reducing inflammation, pain, fatigue, and nausea, while also improving the body’s immune system.

Relief for Osteoarthritis Patients

Your days of painful, arthritic knees might soon be over. In one study, where participants with osteoarthritis were given a one-hour massage, patients reported improvements in pain levels, stiffness, and function, while the control group experienced no such changes.

All these benefits, and more, you can enjoy just by getting yourself a massage regularly. To fully harness all the health benefits of a massage, seek the expertise of licensed therapists from Des Moines massage therapy centers like Blades Massage.

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